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Automated Valuation Service

InstaValue is our automated valuation service that removes the inconvenience and time of a home appraiser’s visit from the entire process. Or in case a full appraisal is still required, we’ll let you know this at the Commitment stage.

  • Quick, easy home valuation done entirely by us
  • No home visitation required
  • No upfront cost to your client (a $399 fee is deducted at closing)

Benefiting from InstaValue is remarkably easy. Once the application has been submitted, we’ll simply handle the rest!

  • Eligible on both purchase and refinance transactions
  • Owner-occupied properties (max. 4 units)
  • Eligible for loan to values up to 80%
  • Minimum FICO Score of 610+
  • Maximum property value of $1.5 Million (Geographical restrictions/limits may apply)

Q: When will InstaValue be conducted and how will I be notified? 

A: The automated valuation service will commence after receipt of your mortgage application. Our team will complete the assessment and you will be informed if a full appraisal is still required.

Q: Will InstaValue work for all residential mortgage applications?

A: There are some product types and file applications that are ineligible, but your underwriter will notify you if this is the case. If it is unsuccessful on your file, there will be no cost to your client.

Q. Is this service available in all of your lending locations?

A. InstaValue is currently available in Ontario and British Columbia, subject to qualifications and restrictions listed above.

Q. We already have an appraisal completed by a Community Trust approved appraiser. Do we still need to complete this process?

A. If you already have a completed appraisal, you do not need to proceed with InstaValue. Make sure that you notify us, and we will review the appraisal in accordance with our appraisal policy.

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