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InstaShare is the banking verification service that allows instant and secure sharing of bank statements, directly with Community Trust. It is available to satisfy application conditions where bank statements are required to support both down payment and income verification (as detailed in the Community Trust Mortgage Commitment).


Access InstaShare Here!


Directly transfer of all required bank documents to Community Trust in seconds.


With InstaShare, your confidential documents stay between us and your bank.


With a few clicks, save yourself the time and effort it takes to send bank statements manually.

Step 1: Obtain your loan number from your Community Trust mortgage commitment letter or your mortgage broker.

Step 2: Visit and enter in the required information under the ‘Verify Your Account’ section, including the loan number. If you do not have a loan number yet, enter 99999.

Step 3: Select your financial institution from the list of available options, and enter your online banking information* when prompted.

Step 4: Select the applicable bank account statements that you wish to share with us and click submit!


*You will be able to access and submit both personal and business bank statements. Every bank will enable you to send all bank statements registered to the account owner. If multiple statements are required from different Financial Institutions, you will be required to log into each Institution separately.

How much will this service cost me?

Nothing! InstaShare is free to all Community Trust borrowers and mortgage applicants.

What will you do with my bank statements?

Once you share your bank statements through InstaShare, our team will use this ‘read-only’ data to satisfy mortgage application conditions, such as down payment and income verification.  At times, we may need to consult with your mortgage broker to confirm or verify certain transactions.

What information do I need to get started?

You will need your online banking information and your Community Trust loan number to log into InstaShare. If you don’t have a loan number yet, please enter 99999.

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